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“No Pain Laser Treatment Every Time” says Dona Cohy

“No Nerves” says Pamela Tindal

“Painless Dentistry” says Mrs McDonald

Dr Skimming At Dentistry On the Square Gives
As Our Patients Claim “Painless Dentistry” Or Your Money Back!

Dear Glasgow Friend,

   One hundred years ago, back in the days when we travelled by horse, your great grandmother probably said to herself – “well, I reckon looking after your teeth is a good thing, but it will cause me great pain and expense.”

   Times have sure changed since then and so have no pain dentistry techniques.

   Today, there are at a least eleven ways for ‘Painless Dentistry’ as Mrs McDonald recently told us click here to discover more Painless Testimonials. These can work for you, right now, in your lifetime.

   Now according to the British Dental Health Foundation, 20 percent of the population who have been to the dentist suffer from fear of the going back to the dentist. A percentage also fears pain.

   At Dentistry on the Square we have invested a considerable sum to deliver Painless Dentistry and we can prove it. There are many ways to combat pain, and we follow guidelines from, one of the world’s leading website dedicated for fear free dentistry. And other experts in the field of painless dentistry.

   Here are some of the Painless Dentistry techniques we have in place at Dentistry on the Square...

  1. The Waterlase- Provides painless removal of decay and quick healing of any implant work
  2. Quick sleeper numbs teeth with no pain from a typical injection
  3. Numbing gel prevents any discomfort from needle tips
  4. DVD goggles and noise cancelling headphones allow you to relax and keep your mind off treatment
  5. Same day crowns reduces the need for appointments and reduces irritation of teeth nerves
  6. Comfortable and relaxing environment not of your ‘typical dental practice’

   Our Painless Dentistry claims are backed up with testimonials from our patients. Without proof, we could not make these claims. Here are a few patients stating the facts...

“I Didn't Feel Any Pain Whatsoever” says Dona Cohy

“No Pain Whatsoever”  says Adam Sinclair

To read more click here

   Our claims are based on fact and proof from our patients and hence a justified expectation of the pain free results you can achieve.

   We are so convinced that you will feel no pain, we will refund your money if you do.

   No matter what cosmetic dental treatment you have in mind... there is a PAINLESS method that will help gain your confidence back painlessly, easily, quickly, affordably and at the same time help your family and friends.

"Dentistry On The Squares Pain Free Promises"  

     Introducing the next generation of Glasgow’s no pain cosmetic dentists

   Dr Mark Skimming took the brave decision to dramatically cut his wage early in his career to complete a Masters Degree in Advanced Restorative Dentistry.

   This was to feed his passion to be the absolute best he can be!

   And at just 26 years old, he became the UK’s youngest ever dentist to receive this advanced qualification. Why did he choose a career in advanced dentistry?

   Because of the hands on approach of directly influencing the lives of his patients.

   Maybe it was because his dad was a Glasgow painter and decorator that he wanted to work in smaller spaces.

   But combined with the artistic nature of dentistry… this is the profession he has dramatically excelled in.

    After working in NHS dentistry he wasn’t happy with the length of time HE got to spend with patients and in January 2009 decided to open up his private practice located in an old Victorian building.

Mark Skimmings cosmetic dentistry Glasgow

    This extreme focus on YOU, rather than WE has also led to being featured in the newspaper and he recently won an award for the Provision of Extreme Customer Service.

   Right on your very own doorstep from his Dentistry on the Square clinic in Glasgow, Mark integrates conventional medical dentistry with his Dr Skimming ‘Painless’ Method of Dentistry. (Please see Mark’s ‘Painless Promises’ in the Main Menu at the top of this page)

Pain free dentistry with cosmetic dentist Glasgow

"Painless Dentistry" For
Busy Glasgow People

    …make no mistake Dr Skimmings telephone is answered twenty four hours a day, 7 days a week including Sundays, and he offers early, late and Saturday appointments. 

   So no more having to put off the dentist or take time off work, relax, enjoy the experience at Dentistry on the Square.

Emergency Cosmetic Dentist Glasgow

Extreme Customer Care

   Avoid getting drenched in the rain by parking right outside saving you parking tickets and time! Wifi in our patient lounge to catch up on emails or surf the web at your ease for free CHILL OUT with 1000’s of music selections to choose from, when having treatment.

   Affordable payment plans that can be spread out so you can have the treatment you want NOW, rather than having to save up.

   Classic Victorian house converted in a state of the art pain free dentistry clinic- you won’t even know you’re at the dentist, making it more of an enjoyable experience.

  Discover Your "Painless"
Cosmetic Dentist In Glasgow

   Dr Skimming has developed his own unique method of painless dentistry; a process so advanced that your fear of dentistry will vanish in seconds. Where else can you find Dentistry for Busy People giving you the flexibility to choose when you have your dentistry?

"If You're Nervous About Dentists, Listen To What Mark Suggests"

Emergency Cosmetic Dentist Glasgow

   And how about free car parking, wifi, and a trendy modern space run by a new generation of cosmetic dentists.

Best regards

Dentist Glasgow

Dr Mark Skimming

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Disclaimer: Shorter term orthodontics provides a relatively fast improvement in cosmetic alignment of the front teeth. The technique does't always address a patient's bite/fit of the back teeth as much as comprehensive orthodontics. While in the past it was thought that doing orthodontics faster would be harmful to the teeth new studies suggest shorter times in braces may have benefits. Every treatment has risks and rewards that will be discussed on an individual basis. Dr. Skimming is a general dentist who refers difficult orthodontic treatment to a respected specialist.